Forth Meadow Community Greenway Dialogue and Engagement Project (2020)

Between June and November 2020, I conducted dialogue and engagement activities surrounding the Forth Meadow Community Greenway in Belfast together with my colleague Ian Graham. This work involved meetings with local residents, community leaders and policy makers to look at how communities along the Greenway can be involved in the development of the shared sites, how local people can use the new Forth Meadow Community Greenway, and what activities or project ideas could help with this process and create opportunities for positive interaction.

The Forth Meadow Community Greenway is funded by the EU’s PEACE IV Programme, and is intended to be a physical representation of the peace process in Belfast and to promote reconciliation between interface communities in a lasting way. The project links together a number of existing pathways in North and West Belfast, stitching together a fragmented landscape and creating new pathways and possibilities.

The citizen engagement and dialogue project for the Forth Meadow Community Greenway was carried out in several phases. The project team worked with a number of different methods to generate dialogue among local stakeholders and increase participation in the co-creation of the Greenway. This project was able to reach more than 300 stakeholders and residents through purely digital engagement methods.

Read more about the project on the Belfast City Council Website here.

This project is funded by the European Union and managed by the Special EU Programmes Body.