Selected references

I have more than ten years of experience designing and delivering workshops and events, developing publications, and managing projects for public and private institutions. Below is a selection of my projects, tenders & contracts.

Lead expert for the GenderedLandscape Action Planning Network

URBACT Secretariat (Paris, France) & City of Umea (Sweden) :: September 2019 – August 2022

Main tasks: policy analysis, stakeholder analysis, (digital) workshop design & delivery, moderation & facilitation, technical writing, journalistic writing, survey design

GenderedLandscape is a city network on gender mainstreaming in urban development. As lead expert, I am responsible for designing and delivering workshops related to stakeholder engagement, local needs analyses and the design of a common work plan in the seven partner cities in the network, as well as reporting to the contracting authority (URBACT) and the lead partner (City of Umea). In addition, I am contracted on an ad hoc basis for additional (digital) facilitation tasks at URBACT events and to write articles for the URBACT website & blog.

Citizen engagement & consultation for the Forth Meadow Community Greenway

Belfast City Council (United Kingdom) :: June – November 2020

Main tasks: project management, (digital) workshop design & delivery, stakeholder analysis, publication management, journalistic writing, technical writing, moderation & facilitation

Citizen engagement & consultation surrounding the development of a cross-community greenway in Belfast. I am responsible for overall project management, design & implementation of (digital) stakeholder workshops and reporting to the contracting authority.

Project manager for CIVACT

Lawaetz Foundation (Hamburg, Germany) :: October 2018 – September 2020

Main tasks: project management, (digital) workshop design & delivery, publication development & management, journalistic writing, technical writing, moderation & facilitation, social media campaign, survey design

In the CIVACT project (ERASMUS+, KA2), five partners developed and tested new methodologies for engaging disadvantaged young people in their neighborhood development as the first step towards familiarizing them with other forms of civic participation. As the project manager for the lead partner, I was responsible for producing all the outputs and designing all the workshops and network meetings, including the train-the-trainer workshop, which took place in Palermo in October 2019, and the transition to digital meetings and workshops in the final six months of the project.

Initiator & co-author of The Urban Commons Cookbook

Self-initiated :: January 2018 – June 2020

Main tasks: crowdfunding campaign, social media campaign, technical writing, journalistic writing, project management, budget & controlling, publication development & management, interviews

The Urban Commons Cookbook folds together theory, interviews with citizen-led projects, and a range of methods into a practical handbook for citizens & policy-makers. As the project’s initiator, I was involved in every part of the project, including the overall coordination and management, our crowdfunding and social media campaigns, writing and editing the book, creative direction of the graphic design & layout, and the printing and distribution of the final project.

Written assessment for the City of Frankfurt am Main

Women’s Commission of the City of Frankfurt am Main (Germany) :: April 2020

Main tasks: policy analysis, technical writing

Analysis of the city’s new public transportation planning from the perspective of the needs of women* and girls* and gender mainstreaming.

Head of research for the Model Space Project

ClubCommission Berlin e. V. (Berlin, Germany) :: June 2018 – April 2019

Main tasks: policy analysis, research, research coordination, publication development & management, public speaking, technical writing, moderation

The Model Space Project analyzed non-commercial free open air events in Berlin in order to inform the creation of a new, streamlined permitting process. As head of research for this project, I was responsible for coordinating the work of a student team and a legal analysis team, conducting focus groups with administrative employees, summarizing the results and presenting them to the Berlin State Parliament and the Chamber of Commerce.

German Marshall Fund Mini-Grant

German Marshall Fund of the United States (Washington, D.C.) :: May 2018 – January 2019

Main tasks: research, research coordination, interviews, technical writing, journalistic writing

Reactivating Vacant Buildings – A Cross-Atlantic Pilot Study was a research project analyzing best practice examples of incremental reactivation of large-scale vacant buildings, plots and complexes in German-American comparison. For this project, I conducted interviews with relevant stakeholders and wrote both a technical report and blog articles for the German Marshall Fund website.

European project management for the GSUB & MetropolisNet

gsub & MetropolisNet (Berlin, Germany) :: February 2015 – May 2016

Main tasks: project management, workshop design & delivery, publication development & management, facilitation & moderation, survey design

As an employee of the gsub & MetropolisNet, I was responsible for managing several European projects (ERASMUS+ KA2, LLP) in labor market integration and social inclusion simultaneously. As the project manager for the lead partner, I was responsible for producing all the outputs and designing all the workshops and network meetings for these projects.

Consultant for the Europe Agency at the Berlin Senate Dept. for Labour, Integration & Women’s Issues

gsub (Berlin, Germany) :: February – December 2015

Main tasks: conference planning, event management, technical writing, facilitation & moderation

As a consultant for the Europe Agency, the Berlin Senate Department for Labor, Integration and Women’s Issues’ European knowledge exchange department, I was responsible for helping to organize, implement and document policy conferences about European labor market policy (for example “Work 4.0 – made in Berlin” in December 2015 or “Successful Approaches for Combatting Unemployment in Europe – BerlinWorks as a Starting Point” in June 2015).

Initiator & co-editor of Urban Commons: Moving beyond State and Market

Self-initiated :: July 2012 – May 2015

Main tasks: conference planning, event management, publication development & management, technical writing, facilitation & moderation, project management, budget & controlling, social media campaign, grant writing

Together with the other members of the Urban Research Group, I planned and implemented the 2013 conference “Urban Commons: Moving beyond State and Market” at the Georg Simmel Center for Metropolitan Studies. A few months later, we successfully applied for funding from the Fritz Thyssen Foundation to realize a publication by the same name. I was in charge of the overall coordination of the project and budget, co-editing the texts and communication with the chapter authors.