Current Project: The Urban Commons Cookbook (2018-2019)

Urban commons – new ways of managing and ensuring access to a wide variety of resources in cities – are increasingly the focus of political, academic, and urban development discussions. Many useful theories, methods, and case study collections are being developed above all on the academic level – however, this information does not reach activists, community leaders, local politicians, or other interested parties. The Urban Commons Cookbook seeks to bridge this gap. Using the theoretical framework set out in the 2015 publication “Urban Commons: Moving beyond State and Market,” the Urban Commons Cookbook attempts to gather urban commoners’ experiences and create a practical handbook which gathers real-world insights, usable tips, and tested methods for creating and maintaining commons which can inform actors from the civil society and politics alike.

The core of the cookbook will be made up of information gathered in interviews with commons projects across a broad spectrum of resource types and locations.


A barrier-free PDF of the book will be freely available, hard copies will be available for a nominal fee (about 15€ to offset printing costs) via print-on-demand.

We expect the book to be about 150 A5 pages. It will be written in English with a journalistic writing style which is accessible for people of different backgrounds and a large number of graphic elements (infographics, diagrams, photos) in order to be visually interesting. The intended audience includes activists, policy makers, district managers, and educators.

Release in Summer 2019. More information at and regular updates on our kickstarter page:

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