In my work, I focus on facilitating the development of inclusive, co-created cities. But what does that mean exactly?

Facilitating: Through a diverse range of tasks, I work to make the process of co-creation easier for all involved. This can take the form of creating a baseline of information so that everyone’s on the same page going into discussions, designing and structuring workshops to promote cooperation, or presenting best practices from elsewhere to inspire new ideas locally. This work frequently crosses sectoral, disciplinary, and cultural boundaries; I am responsible for “translating” between different worlds, promoting the learning of and cooperation between diverse stakeholders, and capturing the added value of cross-sectoral and interdisciplinary collaboration. I am proud to work with a wide range of urban actors, including city administrations, publicly-owned subsidiaries, foundations, associations, cooperatives, NGOs and citizen groups.

Development: Whether we’re talking about change, growth, or restructuring, development always presents an opportunity to reinvent old ways of doing things and break through structures which have become entrenched. My work focuses on making the most out of these moments of change and developing innovative solutions to challenging situations.

Inclusive: Increasing diversity in participatory methods and urban processes is a core part of what I do. Understanding who is already participating and non-included group’s barriers to participation is an important first step to being able to increase diversity. I design interventions which directly take these conditions into account in order to improve the activation and inclusion of underrepresented or structurally disadvantaged groups. Furthermore, I conduct policy analysis which examines structural barriers to inclusion and equity in cities.

Co-created: Finally, my work sees citizens and civil society as active partners in the city-building process and works to engage citizens and civil society in a wider sense through creative, innovative, empowering, and fun participatory formats. I also advise cities on how their existing policies can be adjusted to promote citizen engagement, co-creation and urban commons.