Kultur im Grünen (2020-2021)

Public green spaces are increasingly the location of non-commercial cultural activities, a situation which has been exacerbated by the the COVID-19 crisis. These events compete with a range of other park uses, including sports, recreation, relaxation and socializing; in addition, the overall increase in demands on public space during the pandemic have led to a range of less desirable outcomes, such as use conflicts, noise complaints, overcrowding, overuse and vegetation damage.

The project “Kultur im Grünen – Orte im öffentlichen Raum für nicht-kommerzielle Kulturveranstaltungen” (Culture in Green Spaces – Locations in public space for non-commercial cultural events), funded by the Berlin Senate Department for the Environment, Transport and Climate Protection, seeks to tender a solution to both enable and better manage non-commercial events in public green spaces such as parks. Through a series of round table discussions between administrative and cultural stakeholders, the project seeks to identify hurdles and possible compromises in the development of a simplified permitting process for non-commercial cultural activities in public space which was in part started during the Model Space Projekt. The project aims to develop of a framework and toolkit (checklist, contract, website) for the simplified permitting of non-commercial cultural events which will promote transparency and the communication between administrative and cultural actors.