Urban Commons Cookbook: Graphics & layout well on their way and final timeline set!

Life has continued to be busy for the entire author team and the lovely people we are working with to make the Urban Commons Cookbook a reality. Nevertheless, we are making good progress on realizing the book. Just incrementally and with a lot of discussion, like any good commons project! 🙂

We had a great meeting yesterday with our graphic designer, Luisa Le Van. She has completed the layout for two out of three chapters and we met to discuss where changes are needed and what the best solutions could be to the challenges posed by the methods chapter.

We are super happy with how she has approach our text – certainly not easy considering all the info boxes, methods and cross-references! We are also excited by the graphics she has created. Here’s a sneak peek:

We expect to be able to order the proofs around Christmas, make any necessary changes in January and start shipping the books out early February. We are *so* excited to see all our hard work in print and share it with you all – stay tuned for info about the next steps!

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