The Model Space Project in the news!

At the end of 2018, I completed the Model Space Project, a feasibility study for the Berlin Club Commission funded by the Music Board and the Senate Department for Culture and Europe to examine barriers to “the development of spaces in the public sphere which can be non-bureaucratically used for non-commercial open air music events and parties,” as laid out in the state’s current coalition contract.

Der Bericht Model Space Projekt analyzed non-commercial free open air events from a variety of angles – from the permitting process, to the legal framework, to ideal spaces for conflict reduction – with the goal of setting the groundwork for fulfilling the current government’s coalition agreement promise.

In this context, we were recently invited to present our results to the cultural commission at the Berlin State Legislature (Abgeordnetenhaus) and our work made it into the regional press. You can read more about it (in German) here:

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