Autumn is conference season!


So August is now over and most people are back from their summer vacations, which means that it’s time to turn our attention to the (very busy) conference season just around the corner.

This year, I’ll be doing a whirlwind tour of four countries in four weeks, starting with the INTERREG Central Europe Annual Conference on September 21st and 22nd here in Berlin. INTERREG Central Europe will be celebrating it’s 20th anniversary. The conference will focus on the achievements made to date and the upcoming call.

After that, I’m off to Düsseldorf, where I’m a jury member for the WELTKUNSTZIMMER’S Urban Space Video Walk on the evening of September 23rd. The topic of the competition is “Commons Space/Private Property.” Apparently they hit a nerve – they had more than 100 submissions! Looking forward to helping pick the winner of the 1,000€ grand prize.

On Monday, September 25th, I’ll be speaking at the Berlin Senate Department for Urban Development’s 8th Zentrenwerkstatt, in which I’ll be giving a talk about public space as a commons (“Öffentlicher Raum als Allmende“) for representatives of the senate department and district managers. Specifically, I’ll be talking about the contributions that commons approaches can make to the management and promotion of active city centers, in particular public spaces.

On October 6th, I’ll be running an urban commons simulation game at the 15th International MitOst Festival in Slubice, Poland. Participants will each receive a stakeholder role (member of the city administration, neighbor, person taking part in the commons initiative, landowner, etc.) and simulate a given urban commons situation. I’m excited to see how it goes!

Finally, after a quick breather, I’m back on the road again on October 10th, this time headed to the European Week of Regions and Cities in Brussels, Belgium, where I’ve registered for workshops about a variety of EU projects, programs, and topics, including RegioStars, Interreg Europe, Urban Innovative Actions, and Living Laboratories. It will be a full two days!

I’m looking forward to getting a range of new impulses over the next few weeks!

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