I offer a range of services for cities, public institutions, NGOs and resident groups, from talks to project development.

(Digital) workshop design + delivery

Whether in person with a pack of post-its and a sheet of dot stickers or in online programs such as Zoom, WebEx or Miro, there are many things to consider when creating an effective, productive and well-planned workshop, including timing, participants, space, goals and facilitation methods. Over the last few years, I have had the opportunity to hone my workshop skills through projects such as GenderedLandscape and CIVACT. In addition, I have refined and expanded my digital workshop skills through my work as a Digital Support Expert.

Dialogue, engagement + consultation

Similar to professional workshops, citizen engagement & consultation also require a sensitivity to context, communication of technical topics, and facilitation methods. I am particularly specialized in activating engagement methods which seek to reach those voices which are often unheard, for example in the CIVACT project, the Model Space Project, and my work with the Forth Meadow Community Greenway in Belfast.

Stakeholder, policy + needs analyses

My analytical work specializes on delivering answers to public bodies to support their policy-making work, and includes desk research, written assessments, and written reports, but also participative formats such as digital or in-person workshops, surveys, and focus group work. You can see examples of my analytical work in the GenderedLandscape, CIVACT and Model Space projects, and I also contract written assessments for municipalities, such as this one for the city of Frankfurt. Furthermore, I am particularly interested in the transfer of good practices between cities and across borders, which was the focus of my work both for the German Marshall Fund and in the CIVACT project, for example.

Project development + management

I also develop and manage EU and publicly-funded projects in social inclusion and urban development, including the development of publications such as The Urban Commons Cookbook or Urban Commons: Moving beyond State and Market. I am specialized in transnational cooperation, intercultural communication and intercultural facilitation on- and offline. These skills have been tried and tested in the GenderedLandscape and CIVACT projects, as well as my work for the GSUB and MetropolisNet.

Talks + moderation

I offer talks in the various topics that I am specialized in, including urban commons and community-led projects, policies to support cultural and creative industries, the sustainable reactivation of vacant buildings, inclusive citizen participation, gender equality in urban policy, and the political, symbolic, and normative aspects of architecture and urban planning. I am also an experienced moderator of panel and group discussions.

Technical + journalistic writing, editing, translation

I am the author of numerous books, reports, chapters and articles geared at a range of readers, from the interested public to professionals to policy makers. You can see examples on my publications page, or the project pages for CIVACT and GenderedLandscape.