Final kickstarter update: Success!

With the help of 56 backers, we were able to raise a total of 3,712€, which means that the Urban Commons Cookbook will be a reality! If you missed your chance to lock in a copy now, you can still get one in the fall. We’ll make it available through the project website (, here, and through our partner websites. Stay tuned! And thanks to all of you who backed us – it really means a lot!

Urban commons in the Planologie podcast (in German)

One of the authors in our book, Tobias Bernet, was recently interviewed in the Planologie podcast, a German-language podcast from two urban and regional planning students at the TU Berlin. In this episode, they discuss self-organized housing as a form of commons. Follow this link to listen to the entire podcast:

New Project: The Urban Commons Cookbook

I’m excited to announce that I am working on a new book, The Urban Commons Cookbook, which will gather urban commoners’ experiences and create a practical handbook which gathers real-world insights, usable tips, and tested methods for creating and maintaining commons which can inform actors from the civil society and politics alike. We’ll be launching a Kickstarter in mid-February – stay tuned! You can read the full exposé here.

Can administrative restructuring increase regional growth?

What do Bremen and Bologna have in common? They both used administrative restructuring to address their citizens’ needs and desires and boost civil society’s involvement in urban development – with great results! In this post, I explore administrative restructuring’s potentials for growth in peripheral and rural areas.

URBACT application approved!

I’m thrilled to announce that, after a long and detailed application process, I’ve been validated as a lead expert for the EU program URBACT, which deals with integrated urban development in Europe! I’ve been validated for the design and delivery of transnational exchange and learning activities, as well as thematic expertise in integrated urban renewal (i.e. Commons, Heritage, Branding) and arts and culture (i.e. Creative Industries). For more information, please check out my expert profile at